Our Product

Tas-SANG roots are too valuable to be used for consumable ginseng. We present our ginseng roots in special presentation jars which make a perfect gift for those who appreciate these rare roots which have been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for hundreds of years.

Harvested as fresh ginseng or green ginseng in Autumn, Tas-SANG ginseng is lightly washed and sealed in our presentation jars. The presentation jars are 35cm tall and the roots are preserved in alcohol (vodka). The lid and base are made from the rare Tasmanian plant, Huon Pine (Lagarostrobos franklinii). These slow growing trees are some of the oldest in the world – excess of 2000 years. The Huon pine has magnificent timber and, with its fragrant oil, complements the unique ginseng roots. Tas-SANG ginseng roots make a wonderful ginseng gift for those who revere such large wild ginseng roots.

The presentation roots are illuminated by a LED base light (9V, 1A) which makes a spectacular display.

We harvest wild fresh roots from March to August each year, wash them, then package in vacuum sealed bags. These fresh roots can be exported by air express to anywhere in the world.